Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology says that for a person to be truly happy and live a meaningful life, that person must recognize their personal strengths and use these strengths for the greater good.


If we are to take Seligman’s advice, we should spend time trying to figure out our personal strengths and not waste our valuable time and life doing jobs that don’t please us and take us away from doing what we were made to do. If this is the secret of happiness, shouldn’t we all be focusing on our strengths and not wasting time with all the other bits?


In fact, it’s not only Mr. Seligman’s personal advice, but numerous research studies have found the following evidence of the positive effect from focusing on personal strengths.

You can be happier

People who use their strengths report lower levels of depression, higher levels of vitality and good mental health.

You can feel less stress

People who use their strengths report higher levels of positivity, which, in turn, creates a buffer against the negative effects of stress and trauma

You can feel more confident

Both strengths knowledge and strengths-use are significantly associated with self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-confidence.

You can see faster career growth

People who use four or more of their top character strengths at work are more likely to experience job satisfaction, pleasure, engagement and meaning in their work.

You can feel more meaningful at work

Strengths help people to better adapt to change, engage in more creative and proactive behaviors, pay more attention to detail and work harder.