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Wingfinder is a strength test developed by the extremely popular energy drink company Redbull. Like most strength tests, Wingfinder will help you acquire more knowledge on your top skills and personality traits. The goal of taking the test is to find the ‘wings’ or strengths that will propel you further in your career. HIGH5 is a free strengths test that helps people find out their strengths and what they are good at.

What is the Wingfinder Assessment?

The Wingfinder assessment is a personality and strength test developed by Red Bull and researchers from Columbia University as well as University College London. The test aims to quantify which strengths you already have and to what degree.

Knowing this can help you choose the best career, one where you have maximized odds of satisfaction and success. The test consists of approximately 280 questions.

After you finish these questions, you will be provided with a strength report and access to mentors in addition to advice from entrepreneurs, athletes, and others on how to leverage your unique strengths.

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Why is Wingfinder Assessment Important & Their Benefits

Wingfinder can give you unique insights into your strengths. Once you recognize your talents, your daily goals will become more in reach and you will more likely to create a routine for success.

After all, a strength-based approach has an amazing impact on every part of your work life. Some other immense benefits of the Wingfinder assessment include:

  • understanding the type of learner you are to make your education more efficient and productive
  • finding the workplace and career that best suits your strengths, thus giving you maximized chances for success and happiness
  • allows you to become more positive and effective leverage a strength-based approach
  • gives you a competitive advantage over other employees or candidates, since you are self-aware of your talents and underdeveloped skills
  • allows you to find mentors who can train you better and align tasks as well as advice with your skills

How Does Wingfinder Assessment Test Work?

As with many other popular strength assessments, Wingfinder is taken via the web. You will be asked a series of questions in regards to what core ideas motivate you, how you previously succeeded, how you interact in the workplace, your reaction to day-to-day stress, and so on. Your responses to each of these questions reveal your though process and strengths.

There are 25 main strength categories that are tested by Wingfinder. These strengths are further categorized into 4 broad categories based on how they contribute to your workplace success. These four categories include drive, connections, creativity, and thinking.

At the end of the test, all of your answers will be measured. You will get an insightful report which details how developed each of your strengths are. In addition to that, Wingfinder will also provide you with a unique coaching plan that helps you apply a uniquely tailored strength-based approach in your daily life. This way, you can start maximizing your strengths the same day you finish the test.

For whom is the wingfinder test

For Whom Is The Wingfinder Test?

The Wingfinder assessment can be used by virtually anyone. Whether you are someone who is newly hired, or you are a devout employee for a particular company, knowing your strengths can give you tremendous insights into your work life. In general, if you are curious about your strengths, Wingfinder is the test for you.

There are some groups that are in true need of a strength-based approach, and more so than the average population. Those who are confused about their career or have become unengaged can reinvigorate their careers by understanding their strengths.

It is possible that the disconnect is due to a misalignment of strengths and tasks. Then, once you know your strengths, individuals can become more confident in themselves and start focusing on what they do best.

Also, many new employees, students, and those who wish to change their careers benefit from Wingfinder. Students are often unsure of which career to approach. They usually do not understand what they are passionate about yet, and it is difficult to make career decisions at a young age.

Knowing one’s strengths can give the student some clarity and direction in their life. The Wingfinder can also help them find the necessary mentors to help them build a successful career. The same is true for new employees and those who are recently unemployed.

Finally, even those who have found their passion and career of choice can gain insights from Wingfinder. Although the latter-mentioned groups may see more impacts from the test, all employees can gain confidence, become more productive, and start effectively building upon their strengths when given the right growth resources.

The start of this growth journey is knowing your strengths. Wingfinder helps you understand your unique talents, thus kickstarting this lifelong process of growth.

How Long Does Wingfinder Test Last?

If you have ever taken a personality test, you likely know that they are not too tedious. The same is true for the Wingfinder assessment. The test itself is straightforward and it should be finished within one sitting.

However, unlike tests like CliftonStrengths, most of Wingfinder is not timed. There is one section that is time-limited, while the other four are not. You are allowed to pause and log in or out with the test saving your prior answers. According to Redbull, the test should not take more than 35 minutes for most people.

Strength test results do not stay true or relevant forever, unfortunately. This is why it is key to retest your strengths over time and after major life events. Taking the Wingfinder assessment does not have to become a part of your daily routine, or even your monthly routine unless you like consistent retesting.

Anytime something major happens at work, such as getting a large promotion, a significant increase in responsibilities, getting hired, or even major events in your personal life such as having kids, try to make time for a retest. As you grow and develop, your strengths will change with you. Wingfinder can help you see this progress over time.

Consistent retesting will also give you insights into whether your strength-based approach is being used optimally. You will see how your new responses reflect on your new successes, too, giving you additional confidence.

How Accurate Is The Wingfinder Assessment Test?

By nearly all metrics, the Wingfinder assessment can be categorized as an accurate and scientifically backed test. The test originated from a collaboration between Redbull and world-renowned psychologists from Columbia University New York and University College London.

It took thirty years of research and development to finally create the full Wingfinder test. Researchers looked specifically at which personality traits correspond to which careers and how this relationship between skills and the type of career, as well as one’s career success, functions.

Currently, Wingfinder is being used globally. There are consistent updates to the test and its format to ensure it is up to date with the newest psychology and strength-based research. The test’s structure and questions rely in part on the widely recognized Hogan studies on career success and personality. Many leading psychologists have called the test highly insightful and accurate, too.

For instance, Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic (a business psychology researcher at Columbia University and University College London as well as an executive at the Manpower Group) has publicly endorsed the test. Dr. Chamorro-Premuzic has called Wingfinder, “[An] unprecedented attempt to help millions of people identify and develop their career potential” (1).

There may be a few inaccuracies with the test, though. As with most tests that deal with self-evaluation, errors can and do occur. If you over-exaggerate your abilities or answer dishonestly, the results will be skewed. If you try to begin the test with a clear mind, humbleness, and honesty, you will find Wingfinder to be a great resource for learning your strengths.


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