Brief Strengths Test: Free Online Assessment Alternative

When searching for different strength tests online, you may come across the brief strength test. This assessment gives you a tremendous amount of value for your time. Many other strength assessments are extremely detailed, and often have hundreds of questions.

This makes strength testing seem out of reach and impossible to fit into everyday life. After all, most individuals are busy with work, families, and hobbies. However, the solution to efficiently learning your strengths in life is through taking a brief strengths test.

Brief Strengths Test Discover Your Personality

Why is Brief Strengths Test Important & Their Benefits

Strengths tests are an amazing way to learn more about yourself and develop a more positive to growth. The brief strengths test achieves what a regular assessment achieves in much less time.

You will still get many of the same incredible benefits that are associated with tests like the MBTI and CliftonStrengths.

These benefits apply directly to individuals’ broader lives, including both their family and work lives.

More specifically, you can acquire the following benefits through the brief strengths test:

  • Concise information that is easy to apply to the real world
  • Become more productive and passionate
  • Choose the right career
  • Make better decisions
  • Become more confident

How Does Brief Strengths Test Work?

As with most strength tests, the brief strengths test starts by asking you a series of questions. These questions focus on your past business experiences, how you see yourself on a team, which style of work engages you, your passions, your values, goals, and so much more.

All of these factors are interconnected and can reveal elements of your strengths as well as weaknesses.

Typically, you will be asked to rate how often you do something or how similar a statement sounds to you. For instance, you may see a question like this: imagine a new opportunity at work is presented to you.

Would you be extremely excited to explore new possibilities (closer to 10 on the scale)? Or, would you be interested in mastering your current work and refining your existing skills (closer to 0 on the scale)?

Each of these answers is related directly to a strength or set of strengths. For instance, those that would select 10 on the previous question are probably adaptable and curious. On the other hand, those that chose a selection closer to 0 on the scale of how similar the statement is to them are likely consistent and reliable.

How Does Brief Strengths Test Work

For Whom Is Brief Strengths Test Assessment?

Anyone who wants to learn about their strengths, maximize their productivity, and get a boost in confidence should consider taking this assessment. For some people, this test may be even more beneficial than others, though.

Although most people can find benefits and inspiring results from the brief strengths test, groups such as students are in special need of taking this assessment.

Why students? This group of people is one of the most likely to struggle with mental health issues. They are also likely to be worried about the future and unsure of what they want to do for the rest of their life.

Most students lack passion, self-awareness, and key skills needed to succeed in the workplace. By taking the brief strengths test, they can get a much-needed boost in confidence. They will learn about how they benefit a team so they make better career decisions down the line.

How Long Does Brief Strengths Test Last?

The brief strengths test is known primarily for its quick and concise questions. This results in a test that is easy to follow. You can certainly expect to finish the assessment in one sitting. Typically, the test will take less than 10 minutes.

Even if you truly take your time on this assessment, it will likely not take up more than 10 minutes of your time.

However, you may think there is a key concern to be had with such a test. What if the test is not detailed? How long will I be able to use the strength test results in my daily living? Any assessment’s results will not stay completely relevant to your life forever.

Because of this, you should consider retaking the test occasionally. It is so quick, you could probably finish it while waiting for the toast to get ready.

How Accurate Is The Brief Strengths Test?

The brief strengths assessment is quite an accurate test. It is based on key research performed by leading scientists. In fact, the brief strengths test has its roots in the traditional and widely recognized assessment developed from the research of Dr. Donald O. Clifton. Many of the same strengths are assessed, and similar testing strategies are used.

In addition, the brief strengths test is also offered through credible organizations. The Authentic Happiness Center at the University of Pennsylvania is one of the top psychology centers around the world.

The center was set up to explore the ideas of Dr. Martin Seligman, one of the world’s leading researchers in positive psychology. In addition, the brief strengths test also takes inspiration from VIA character strengths, which has a plethora of science backing up its accuracy.

As such, you can trust the brief strengths test as accurate. If you do your best to accurately evaluate your abilities, there is no reason to avoid the assessment due to its inaccuracy.


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