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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Enneagram Personality Test?

The Enneagram test represents an interactive personality test designed to help individuals reveal how emotions influence their lives and how people interact to achieve personal gain and success.

It is based on the Enneagram model of personality that helps people understand people’s essential drives and fears.

The Enneagram test distinguishes nine personality types and 27 subtypes. Each of them has its unique system of unique strengths, weaknesses, and areas for personal development and growth.

Why Should You Take The Enneagram Personality Test?

There are multiple interactive personality tests online aimed to tackle personality strengths and weaknesses, so it seems legit to ask what makes the Enneagram test stand out?

The peculiarity of the Enneagram test is that it focuses on finding out a person’s deep desires, motivations, and tendencies on a much deeper level.

Once the person becomes familiar with his/her personality type level, he/she gets the secondary types or the so-called ‘wings’ that point to the person’s maturity level, stress level, and anxieties.

Each of the nine types has its inherent strengths and preferences that are natural for the person. Similarly, every individual has his/her weaknesses that might be an obstacle to leading a successful and fulfilling life.

Even though it is a fairly complex system, it is referred to as the ultimate self-discovery journey.

Test-takers need to know that no type is considered superior to another, and each has its own perks and flows.

Sometimes, depending on the culture testers belong to, one type might appear more favorable, but it is due to the socially imposed norms, not because of the personality itself.

How Does The Enneagram Test Work?

The test scores reveal what drives you on a very deep personal level. These personalities are marked as numbers. However, each of them has a cluster of features that dominate and describe each type.

Therefore, they have been nicknamed accordingly to help you better understand their meaning.

  • Enneagram 1 – The Reformer
  • Enneagram 2 – The Helper
  • Enneagram 3 – The Achiever
  • Enneagram 4 – The Individualist
  • Enneagram 5 – The Investigator
  • Enneagram 6 – The Loyalist
  • Enneagram 7 – The Enthusiast
  • Enneagram 8 – The Challenger
  • Enneagram 9 – The Peacemaker

These numbers represent the personality types. The theory is that we are born with one predominant personality type, i.e., an inborn orientation that influences the way we develop in our childhood.

It is commonly accepted that a person’s basic personality type doesn’t change, and no type is inherently feminine or masculine.

However, you need to be aware that not all of the basic type features will be a complete match to your personality since people tend to gravitate toward various orientations and habits in their lifetime.

The Center (Heart, Head and Body Types)

In addition to the specific type with dominant traits, the personalities belong to the so-called Center that integrates three emotional processes: Instincts (body), Thinking (head), and Feeling (heart).

Three of the personalities belong to either of the three centers based on the dominant emotional issues they have.

Visually represented, personalities One, Nine, and Eight belong to the Instinctive Center, personalities Two, Three, and Four belong to the Feeling Center. The personalities Five, Six, and Seven belong to the Thinking Center.

Therefore, the Instinctive Center is characterized by the intense feeling of Anger and Rage. The Thinking Center is characterized by the dominant Fear issue, and the Feeling Center revolves around Shame.

Not that other personalities don’t feel the rest of their emotions. However, those that belong to the specific Center appear to be the most affected by them.

The Wing

When discussing personality types, it is understandable that no one is a refined version of one personality type. People usually have one dominant personality type that is often affected by other personality types.

In the Enneagram, the adjacent personality type to the dominant personality is called the person’s Wing.

The Wing complements the dominant personality type in a synchronizing or contradictory manner, delivering broader aspects to the main personality.

If you are type Seven, then your Wing is either Six or Eight, so to better understand yourself, you need to consider your Wing’s features as well.

In some cases, a person can be influenced by the two adjacent Wings, and others exhibit features characteristic to their dominant personality type.

How Accurate is the Enneagram Test?

The accuracy of the Enneagram quiz depends on how you interpret the results you get. This means that the individual needs to become familiar with the exact interpretation of the words used to describe each personality type.

Instead of literally translating the words, you need to correlate them to your personality. Make sure to read about your wing(s) and how these features relate to your personality type.

The reliability of the test also depends on the answers you provide when taking the test. You must be honest and select the option that is the most applicable to you.

Once you get the results, you can get amazed by the accuracy it describes your personality and pinpoints your greatest emotional strengths and weaknesses.

For reference, it has been reported that the Enneagram Institute’s Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI) shows about 72% accuracy, which is a very high score for personality tests of this type.

If you are interested in discovering more of your personality, feel free to take other free personality tests at BPTs.

Disclaimer: HIGH5 does not intend to replicate or to substitute the Enneagram test as both tests follow different methodologies, yet bring value in similar ways. Both tests help test takers be more aware of their own personalities. HIGH5 does not dispute or diminish the value of the Enneagram test and encourages test takers to go through both assessments. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach us at hello(at)high5test.com

Enneagram is a registered trademark of their respective owners. All other trademarks not owned by HIGH5 Test that appear on this web site are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with HIGH5 Test.

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