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What is Low Self-Esteem? Signs & How to Rise It

Low Self-Esteem Signs & How to Improve Your Esteem

Emotional abuse often leads to low self-esteem. The impact is profound and can leave people feeling powerful. They’ll also feel trapped in an abusive relationship.

If this describes you, you must actively increase your self-esteem. In this article, we’ll share the top signs of low self-esteem and show you how to get started on your journey of self-improvement.

What is Low Self-Esteem?

Low self-esteem can be defined as an intrinsic feeling of insecurity, a belief that one is inadequate to such an extent that it has significant implications for one’s life. It is not just regular self-doubt but a persistent and disturbing thought that one does not pass in some intricate way.

This can result from several things, among them being emotional mistreatment, which might leave permanent scars on how you view yourself. Fighting low self-esteem, even in situations when it is the result of abusive trials, is not an easy task.

It is a process that mostly involves personal reflection and occasionally reliance on other people. The path to betterment and the reconstruction of self-esteem is a remarkably attainable one. It is essential to note that overcoming these trials and embracing a better self-image will only prove your strength.

13 Signs of Low Self-Esteem

Poor Confidence

One unmistakable sign of low self-esteem is that they lack confidence. People with low self-esteem are typically full of fears and doubts about their capacity, which makes them feel inadequate.

They are inclined to evade challenges and decline to embrace certain risks partly due to the fearful emotions brought about by fear.

If you are deficient in confidence, it is essential to build self-esteem. Force yourself to do things you might not feel like doing and work towards expanding the comfortable area of action each time. Remember that you can do amazing things, regardless of your current lack of self-belief.

Negative Social Comparison

People with low self-esteem tend to compare themselves with others in manners that tear them down, seeing themselves as less pretty or intelligent and unsuccessful. This bias can cause deep depression and insecurities.

Therefore, it is critical to end this downward social comparison and instead focus on recognizing the individual’s strengths and successes.

It is also essential to remember that every person is different, and the idea of perfection as a universal concept does not exist. Whether or not you are different from others, accept the value in yourself as you already have.

Trouble Accepting Positive Feedback

Individuals with low self-esteem, however, find it challenging to believe good things about themselves. They might brush off the compliment or feel it is not how things should be.

This is because of the negative self-thoughts that they hold over them. If accepting compliments is challenging, just learn to appreciate those comments. Just thank the person and courteously accept the acknowledgment.

Such a person’s testimony should be considered, considering that it is frank and most likely sincere. Gradually, you will embrace the compliments for yourself.

Lack of Control

Low self-esteem individuals often feel powerless in their lives. They could feel powerless and helpless while others are calling the shots.

This is a consequence of being subjected to emotional abuse, given that the abusers usually want their victims to be under them.

Therefore, if you think you cannot make anything good happen in your life, you must take several steps toward recovery.

You should also write down your priorities, and that is when you start making efforts towards a specific goal.

Remember that you hold control of your own life, and if it is not working, be courageous enough to change or risk creating a lifetime of regret.

Worry and Self-Doubt

These kinds of people who feel inadequate usually do a lot of worrying and have very little faith in themselves. They may have poor self-esteem, lack confidence in their abilities, or even feel they do not meet the desired standards. This is very stressful.

If you tend to worry excessively, you must learn how to manage her anxiety. Take some time and rest; harness stress out of your battery.

Develop positive thinking and tell yourself that you can tackle anything that comes your way. Today, you are strong and competent in yourself, no matter what your opinion about it is.


Perfectionism is a common characteristic of individuals with low self-esteem. They strive for perfection in everything because it can guarantee nothing but acceptance if not embraced.

This can cause great tension and dissatisfaction since it is impractical to be perfect.

If you are a perfectionist, the most important thing for you is to be able to throw it out. Understand that striving for perfectionism is an unrealistic target and that making mistakes is the essence of life.

Learn to get along with yourself again and go for it. Remember that you are imperfect, and human nature also generates mistakes.


Insecurity is a common thing among people with low self-esteem. They may feel inadequate or worthless. This can mean that a person is very lonely and then isolated.

If you don’t like yourself, you must make an introductory step and accept who you are. On a positive note, record your beneficial qualities and concentrate on solid points.

Stay together with those who will encourage and make you value yourself. Ultimately, you will get to believe in what they say about it.


Loneliness and isolation are the feelings of people with low self-esteem. These kids may feel inadequate for company and undeserving of friendship.

This creates a whole lot of solitude and anguish. If you are feeling isolated, it is essential to connect with someone. Join an exciting club or group, and it is possible to create your own social circle.

Surround yourself with positive individuals who boost your self-esteem. Gradually, you will also gain new acquaintances and find people with whom it is easier to communicate.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are often the consequences of a low self-image. They can quickly feel inadequate or worthless.

This, in turn, becomes a source of great distress and depression. If you have anxiety or sadness, it’s vital to seek guidance. Find a psychiatrist or counselor who can help.

Low Self-Worth

People with low self-esteem often have a low opinion of themselves. This could make them feel inadequate or worthless.

Excessive Shame

People who have low self-esteem tend to feel a lot of shame. This can create a high level of isolation and loneliness.


Those individuals suffering from low self-esteem tend to have a submissive character. They might also express that they are not worthy to attach themselves as a person and instead need to give way to other people.

This, in turn, can result in more significant pressure and irritation. If you believe that you always need to be obedient, every average person must defend their interests, like a human being, starting from today.

Advocate for yourself. Be yourself, and never allow others to take you for granted. Defend your position and fear not making statements.


Low self-esteem individuals frequently embrace escapism as a way of containing their emotions.
They are possibly involved in drugs, alcoholism, or gambling and engaging in sex as a means of escaping from the problems.

When you indulge in escape mechanisms, they should find assistance. Communicate your emotions to another person and why you are using those things as leverage.

Discover mental activities to help you withstand stimulants, and try not to allow stress or sadness into your brain. Engage in activities that bring joy and make you calm. With time, you notice that things or activities do not make you feel good.

Dangerous Side-Effects of Having Low Self-Esteem

Constantly maintained poor self-esteem could also entail some hazardous side effects:

Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorders
  • Emotional distress
  • Panic disorder
  • Risky behaviors
  • Stress

How To Overcome Low Self-Esteem?

Desperation is a proven road to depression, as no one needs what the person has to offer, be it services or products.

However, there are solutions to a weak self-image if an individual cannot fix the low attitude.

Care for Yourself

Individuals with low self-image do not usually lead a healthy life. They may eat poorly and fail to engage in exercise.

They either do not sleep sufficiently or do not have time for relaxation. Immediately, as you wish to get rid of low self-esteem, start caring about yourself.

Eat healthy foods, do enough exercise, and always rest. Allocate time for relaxation and stress management activities. Ensure that you focus on yourself and the security of your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Get Some Outside Support

Individuals with self-esteem issues rarely have many people around to support them. This can result in loneliness and solitude.

It is necessary to seek support from others in case you wish to not suffer from low self-esteem. Take a support group or talk to another person who can listen and provide some thoughtful advice.

Challenge Negative Thoughts

Individuals with poor self–esteem often think ill of themselves. They may, for example, feel that they are inadequate or worthless.

If you wish to take steps away from your low self-esteem, the negative thoughts must be challenged and discarded.

Write the negative thoughts down; in one column, correct the cognitive distortion with factual evidence that could not be debated. Consult with a therapist or counselor who can assist you in questioning the state of your mind.

Focus on Your Strengths

Individuals who have low self-esteem tend to dwell on their areas of weakness. They can feel that they are inadequate or worthless.

To be able to sieve these negative thoughts and improve weak self-esteem, it is essential for an individual with such traits to learn to focus more on their strengths. Enumerate your positive features and concentrate on them.

Our recommendation is to take the HIGH5 strengths test. It is free and it identifies your top 5 strengths. Focusing on your strengths will help you achieve a happier and more fulfilled life.

Never focus on your weaknesses, as they are universal. Instead, focus on the things you are best performing and what distinguishes them from other people’s performances.

To establish self-esteem, allow yourself to understand that you can work on it over time and with enough effort invested in the task.

How to Develop and Build Your Self-Esteem?

If you want to build self-esteem, know that it’s a process that takes time and effort but with some work, you can do it.

Notice Your Thoughts

A practical method of increasing your self-esteem would be to develop an awareness and, in many cases, sensitivity as it relates to your recently adopted thoughts. Observe that which you are expressing to yourself inside your mind.

If they are embedded with negativity, seek to change them to positivity. Some of the examples are when you catch yourself thinking, “I am not passionate enough,” replace it with something like, that I realized my passion during this project, or for example if you think in terms of – “Am so stupid, try having instead any mistake made has given me a great understanding.” This might not be easy initially, but with time, you will train your mind to think positively.

Forgive Yourself

You can also increase your self-esteem by forgiving yourself. Nobody is perfect because we all make mistakes. However, we tend to punish ourselves for them, hence the reduced esteem.

However, forgive yourself and move on. Please do not dwell on them or let it affect your being. Make your mistakes, then let them go.

Practice Self-Acceptance

If you want to learn to love yourself more, one strategy would be accepting who you are. You are not always right, and that’s fine. In doing so, you also recognize that everybody has imperfections, and that’s alright.

Begin by acknowledging yourself who you are at this very time. Never seek to be another person or pretend not to be who you are. Just be yourself. Only when you begin to love yourself can you gain confidence in your abilities.

Value Yourself

If you tend to have problems with self-esteem, then this means that it is time for your appraisal. Do not belittle yourself or think you are worthless. Start looking at yourself as an individual of great worth.

Consider what differentiates you or sets you apart. You have abilities and power that no one else possesses.

Price those items and consider yourself as someone priced. Good feelings about yourself will automatically set in when you begin appreciating yourself.

How To Help Someone With a Low Self-Esteem

Encourage Them

If you want to help someone with low self-esteem, there is no better thing than motivation. Motivate them to remain optimistic by emphasizing their variations. Motivate them to give an undying push towards their dreams.

Show Them Compassion

Someone who has poor self-esteem is always in low moods and downcast. Have mercy on them and realize that they are struggling. Inform them that you are there for support and the welfare of their well-being.

The first process that contributes to ensuring people with the problem of low esteem is acquired when establishing their strengths. These strengths can be adopted as a complement to love and support from family, friends, and others who expect them to succeed in their lives.

Furthermore, these strengths are to be celebrated as they provide an insight hardly found in any other part of the world. Recognize these abilities and employ them to make another person’s path a little less scorching.

Leading them to tests like can shed light on what places they are high in or how insecure it is concerning categories. This data will help launch positive conversations about low self-esteem and how to increase it.

Low Self-Esteem FAQ

What Maintains Low Self-esteem?

There can be numerous factors that maintain low self-esteem. For others, it could even be a thought that they are worthless or will always remain so. In other cases, an individual may suffer a lack of self-esteem due to shame or feeling inhumane.

Ultimately, low self-esteem can simply become a trait for some individuals – it’s something they have always done and are hard to shake off.

What are the Characteristics of a Man with Low Self-esteem?

Men with low self-esteem often have a lot of negative thoughts about themselves. They may feel like they are not good enough, that they are not worth anything, or that they are not capable of doing anything well.

As a result, men with low self-esteem often have low self-worth and a lack of confidence in themselves. They may also be very critical of themselves and be very hard on themselves.

In addition, men with low self-esteem often have difficulty dealing with stress and may struggle to cope with difficult situations.

What are the Characteristics of a Woman with Low Self-Esteem?

Women who have been reported to experience low self-esteem reportedly indulge in a lot of worry about their lives. However, the negative thoughts they get do not revolve around their personality or worthiness but on how attractive and capable they are.

Consequently, females with self-neglect lack value and confidence in themselves. They can also be their worst critics, crying pity on themselves occasionally. Moreover, women with poor self-esteem often suffer from an inability to manage stress and face challenging situations.

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