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How To Become Smarter? 10 Everyday Habits To Become More Intelligent

How to Get Smarter Ways, Habits & Examples

Figuring out how to get smarter is a question that plagues everyone. However, the path to enhancing your intelligence goes beyond just developing general habits – it requires understanding and capitalizing on your unique strengths. The HIGH5 strengths assessment can provide invaluable self-awareness, allowing you to identify your natural talents and develop strategies tailored to your distinctive way of thinking and learning. Whether it’s answering your kids’ questions, pursuing further education, or maximizing productivity, leveraging your strengths through HIGH5 can unlock your full potential for growth.

Whether it’s answering your kids’ questions on the weekend, going to grad school while working full time, or simply trying to get more accomplished in a day, everyone would benefit from being smarter.

Smarter people have ways of thinking that are different from everyone else. They have developed certain habits, skills, and mindsets that propel them to be smarter.

In this article, you are going to find out what are the secret ways, habits, and mindsets of people who are smart. Let’s get right into it.

Why is Important to Be Smart & List of 10 Benefits

In general, it’s important to be smart because you can do more things and have a better life.

To keep your level of intelligence, you need to work every day to learn new things and improve upon what you know.

Smarter people are more successful. According to a study, people who are smart are more successful.

List of 10 Benefits That Most Smart People Posses

Here are 10 benefits that smart people have over those that aren’t:

  1. They have better decision-making skills
  2. They are more confident
  3. They have better communication skills
  4. They are mentally aware of what’s going on around them
  5. They can easily see flaws in an argument or idea
  6. Smarter people know when to say “no” when it is appropriate
  7. They are more creative
  8. They have a strong desire to learn and explore new things
  9. Their brains can process information faster than others
  10. Smarter people think before they act or speak, which makes them better leaders

10 Best Ways & Habits to Become Smarter Every Day

There are some specific ways and habits that smart people follow to keep their level of intelligence up.

Here are 10 things that smart people do regularly:

1. Spend time reading every day

One of the best ways for smarter people to keep their brains active is by reading.

Reading helps your brain grow through exposure to new words, concepts, and ideas that stimulate creativity and expand the mind in a variety of ways.

Spend time reading every day, even if it’s only 15 minutes before bedtime. You can also listen to audiobooks on your commute or during your workout session.

Make sure you read something challenging that will expand your knowledge in some way so you can grow as a person from it.

2. Focus on building a deeper understanding

Smart people focus on building a deeper understanding by leveraging their strengths. For instance, the HIGH5 assessment can reveal if you possess exceptional analytical abilities, empowering you to grasp core concepts through rigorous dissection and questioning. Conversely, those with strong social intelligence may build deeper understanding through collaborative discussions and diverse perspectives. By aligning your learning approaches with your innate talents, identified through HIGH5, you can develop true mastery over subjects rather than merely passing exams.

When you master these core elements, you can learn how they relate to other subjects and come up with some amazing new ideas because of them.

For example, if you are learning about history, don’t just focus on memorizing dates or names.

Focus instead on understanding why certain events happened the way they did and what caused them to change the world forever.

3. Constantly question and seek clarification

To get smarter every day, you need to question everything and seek clarification.

Smart people don’t just accept what they are told, they ask questions to get more information so they can come up with their conclusion.

They also seek clarification if someone tells them something to make sure an idea or concept makes sense.

These two strategies help smart people grow in knowledge because it forces them to learn about every aspect of a subject rather than just the surface-level details.

For example, when you watch TV or read articles online, always pay attention to the presenter’s words and think about how they relate to everything else you know about this topic.

Having these clarifying thoughts will push your mind further and make you smarter.

4. Diversify your day

Smart people diversify their day by engaging in multiple activities and hobbies. This helps their brains become more flexible and solve problems in different ways because they’re always experiencing something new.

When your brain gets used to doing the same thing every day, it starts to get lazy and won’t work as hard to come up with unique ideas or answers.

The great thing about being smarter is that you have a strong ability to solve big problems fast so diversifying your day will help move this along quickly.

For example, if you’re a writer who spends a lot of time at a computer desk editing content all day, take a break from that for some exercise instead.

You can go for a jog or head out on a bike ride for half an hour before going into the office again.

5. Review learned information

Smart people are always reviewing learned information at the end of every day so they can solidify their knowledge in their minds.

By doing this, you will have a clearer understanding of all the small details that make up a subject and this will result in better plans or ideas that you come up with.

You will also feel more confident in your abilities because it shows you know what you’re talking about when someone else brings up the same topic.

For example, if you just learned how to solve some kind of problem after reading an article or book, take five minutes before bed to explain it to yourself again.

This might help cement the new information into your brain for when you need it later on.

6. Keep track of your ideas

If you want to always keep track of your ideas, it’s important not to leave them in your head because they will disappear from there. Smart people know that if an idea is important enough, it must be written down or recorded in some way so that it doesn’t slip away.

Smart people constantly think about what they want to do next and how they can improve their lives.

They record this information in a journal or on the computer so they have something concrete to go back to when they need it later on.

You can also use tools like Evernote or OneNote so you don’t need to carry around pen and paper everywhere you go. For example, let’s say you wanted to start reading more books.

Write down “Buy a new book” in your journal or set a reminder on your phone every so often to remind you when it’s time to buy one.

7. Allow yourself to change

Smart people have a habit of being open to change, which allows them to be more flexible in learning about new things.

People who are stuck in their ways don’t want to change because they feel comfortable with how they currently spend their time.

Their life becomes too routine and every day is the same so when something new comes along, they aren’t ready for it. They also think any change will take up too much time so why bother even trying?

However, smart people know that growing as an individual takes effort and there might be some sacrifices you need to make if you want different results.

For example, let’s say your current job isn’t making enough money or fulfilling enough. If you hate the idea of looking for another one then try changing your skills so you can find a new career.

8. Hang out with smart people

People are often attracted to others who have similar interests, personalities, or goals in life so they can relate to each other better.

However, being around the same type of person every day becomes boring over time so you might need to take some risks and meet new people.

Smart people know that if they’re always hanging out with their friends, they won’t meet new people and expand their social circle.

They try to surround themselves with people who have different lifestyles or values because this opens them up to new ideas that might benefit them in the future.

For example, let’s say you’ve been friends with someone for a while but they never introduce you to anyone else.

This might mean they don’t have many connections and might not be open to starting a conversation with someone you’ve never met before.

9. Aim to do something new every day

Smart people are constantly learning about new things because it’s the only way they can grow as an individuals.

They regularly try out new activities so that they can expand their minds and think differently about a situation. If you want to improve yourself, you need to put yourself in a situation where your actions will lead you there.

This could either be by practicing some skill or simply observing how another person lives their life.

For example, let’s say when you leave work, you always go home and watch TV. Try making plans with friends instead, so that this allows you to do something that you’re not usually accustomed to.

10. Have a regular workout

The mind and body are usually connected so the only way to improve yourself is by working out regularly.

This helps you live an overall healthy lifestyle, which results in making better decisions and clearing your head.

For example, let’s say you never exercise but always find the time to go over to your friend’s house for dinner.

Start by swapping one dinner a week for a gym workout and you’ll start seeing the difference.

Pro Tip From HIGH5

Identify your dominant strengths through the HIGH5 test, then apply them purposefully when learning new material. If you excel in strategic thinking, approach topics by breaking them into components and mapping out relationships. If ideation is your forte, explore subjects through brainstorming, mind-mapping, and finding novel connections. Adapting your study methods to your strengths will accelerate meaningful understanding.

How To Get Smarter In School

There are many different ways to get smarter in school, including the following:

  • Learn From Others’ Mistakes – When you’re studying for an upcoming test, ask a friend who has already been through the test to explain all of the mistakes and what they did wrong. This will help prevent you from making the same mistake and it will also teach you how to answer the questions.
  • Take Your Time – You might be tempted to answer as soon as you can so that you can get it over with as quickly as possible. However, if there’s more than one correct answer then this isn’t very smart because you won’t know which is right and your grade might not show how much effort you put in. Instead, read through each problem slowly and don’t write anything down until after you’ve thought about it for a while.
  • Look Out For Patterns – When you’re studying for an upcoming test, look at the exams from the previous school year so that you can find any patterns in how your teacher asks questions. This means that if they have a section of multiple-choice then they might ask each one in a different order or use different examples. The best way to do this is by looking up old tests online but if not, just ask other students what was asked because people love talking about their grades and past exams.
  • Make Sure To Ask Questions – Sometimes when your teacher says something, it doesn’t always mean that it’s true so you need to ask for clarification if there’s anything you don’t understand. For example, let’s say your teacher says that driving over the speed limit is against the law and one of your classmates asks how fast you can go before it’s considered speeding. This gives you a chance to clear up any confusion and also learn something new about the subject. If no one asks then they might not fully understand either so remember this when taking notes in class.
  • Form A Study Group – Sometimes it can be difficult to study by yourself all the time because everyone learns differently. You might find some things easy while others are difficult or vice versa so this means spending all of your time studying alone could be wasting your time. The best way around this is by forming a study group because you can learn from others’ mistakes and trade notes when you get stuck.
  • Focus On Your Strengths – When studying for an upcoming test, you might notice that some subjects are harder than others. This means there’s no point in wasting your time trying to improve your weak areas when you could be spending your time on something that you can excel in.
  • Take Notes By Hand – Most people learn best by doing, even though it can be more efficient to take notes by hand.
  • Practice Makes Perfect – Another way to get smarter in school, and also for other subjects and skills, is by practicing as much as possible. This means doing past papers and assignments whenever they’re available because these are counted toward your final grade.

How To Get Smarter In Math

If you want to get smarter in Math, then you need to try out all of the different methods we just mentioned and figure out which one helps you remember things better.

In addition, when it comes to math specifically, you should try executing as much as possible, instead of just reading through your textbook and trying to memorize everything.

Here are some really good ways to get smarter in Math:

  • Write Down Any Formulas You Need – When you’re studying for a math test, write down all of the equations that you need to know, and don’t worry about writing them down in any particular order. As long as you can read it back to yourself then this makes sure that there aren’t any careless mistakes made while copying things out.
  • Make Use Of Mnemonics – Whenever possible, find mnemonic devices for solving each problem because this is by far the fastest way to learn how to do things.
  • Don’t Worry About What Anyone Else Thinks – Finally, when you’re in class or studying at home it’s good to be confident in your ability but don’t let anyone else intimidate you, even if they happen to be smarter than you. This is because everyone has strengths and weaknesses so there’s nothing wrong with needing more time to learn things compared with other people who are quicker.

Bonus Advice: How Can Reading Help In Getting Smarter?

If you want to get smarter, then reading is a great way to improve your vocabulary because it exposes you to all sorts of new words that you might not have heard before.

This will help when you’re doing something like an essay where your choice of words can change the entire meaning, so try to learn at least three new words every week.

It’s also really important to read in different genres because this means you might find yourself learning more about history through non-fiction while picking up interesting information from fiction stories.

If you find a book boring, just start reading another one just for fun. There’s nothing wrong with doing this because it keeps things fresh and helps you stay enthusiastic.

Reading books of personal development is another good habit to get into because you will learn new things about yourself that can help improve your life, including how to set up new goals.

You can also take different tests/quizzes (such as the High5test) to help you get smarter and learn more. They only take a few minutes and the results can be very interesting.

You will also get new proven evidence that helps you understand that you are getting better (and smarter) with each day that passes.

Finally, you should set up a schedule for when you’re going to study and work on your skills/techniques because this means you’ll be able to complete everything without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out about having too much to do at once.

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