Strengthscope vs. CliftonStrengths: All Similarities & Differences

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Stop guessing your natural talents. Find out your strengths now.

In the pursuit of excellence and self-improvement, Strengthscope and CliftonStrengths are your navigational beacons. Which one will lead you to your untapped potential?

strengthscope vs cliftonstrengths

Both of these assessments offer incredible benefits. You can learn more about your strengths, how you interact with others, your ideal workplace, and far more.

However, they are not the same. These tests have some key differences you should be aware of. Choosing the right test might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this article, we will discuss how Strengthscope vs CliftonStrengths work, why they are beneficial, and which test is likely right for you.

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Understanding Strengthscope

The Strengthscope assessment is a popular online assessment that can help you understand the key strengths that make up your personality. It has several key ideas powering it, as discussed in the overview of Strengthscope below.

Brief Overview

The Strengthscope test was initially developed by a team of English psychologists and engineers. The founder of Strengthscope, Dr. Paul Brewerton, played a key role in developing the test and researching ways to market it.

Over time, the team grew. Eventually, Strengthscope became the only online strengths assessment in the world to be verified by the British Psychological Society.

Core Concepts

The main idea behind the test is simple: every individual has unique strengths, and when those strengths are utilized to their full potential, people can enjoy fuller and more successful lives.

Understanding those strengths, though, is easier said than done. That is where the Strengthscope test comes in. With this assessment, you are provided with a list of your top individual strengths.

In addition to that, the test also gives you actionable insights into how those abilities are applied to the real world. For instance, you will learn about how your strengths apply to work, thus making the test a powerful tool for career development.

Compared to HIGH5

The Strengthscope and HIGH5 assessments may seem extremely similar on the surface. They are both strengths tests that give amazing insights into the qualities that make you stand out. Nonetheless, several factors distinguish each assessment from the other.

The HIGH5 assessment tests individuals for 20 distinct strengths. There are 4 main categories that these strengths fit into. And, each strength is tied to a strengths persona.

For instance, individuals great at helping others and motivating them may get ‘Coach’ as a top result. HIGH5 places the greatest emphasis on your top 5 strengths.

However, the Strengthscope discuses your top 7 strengths in the most detail. They do not include strengths personas, unlike the HIGH5. 

Exploring CliftonStrengths

CliftonStrengths is perhaps the most famous strengths assessment in the world, and one of the most popular personality tests as well. Millions of individuals have taken the assessment, and for good reason: it is quite accurate and backed by science. Below, we provide you with an overview of CliftonStrengths.

Brief Overview

The CliftonStrengths assessment is best known as a strengths assessment. It specifically analyzes your strengths, not your weaknesses, values, mediocre qualities, or any other element of your personality.

The beginning of what is now known as ‘CliftonStrengths’ traces back to extensive research conducted by the esteemed psychologist, Dr. Donald O. Clifton.

Dr. Clifton delved into the realm of positive psychology and confirmed the research of past positive psychologists: individuals achieved their peak performance when they comprehended and directed their attention toward their strengths rather than fixating on their weaknesses.

Dr. Clifton’s pioneering work and his revolutionary concepts found resonance with the Gallup organization. Today, Gallup has evolved into one of the preeminent companies in the world specializing in strengths and personality assessments.

Core Concepts

The CliftonStrengths assessment seeks to uncover your unique set of signature talent themes. This will help you understand what kinds of strengths you excel in most, and how they contribute to your personality.

The test includes a wide variety of questions, ranging from your workplace behavior to what motivates you. At the end of the assessment, you will get a detailed report of top strengths.

This report allows you to gain a deeper understanding of what drives your behavioral style, how you interact with others, and even what kind of job may be right for you.

Compared to HIGH5

The HIGH5 test and CliftonStrengths assessments are both fantastic tools to help you uncover your top strengths. They are both categorized as strengths tests. However, this does not mean they are exactly the same.

One difference between these assessments is the specific strengths that are tested for. In HIGH5, you are tested for 20 strengths, while in CliftonStrengths, there is a strengths inventory of 34 qualities.

Additionally, HIGH5 assigns characters to strengths. For instance, great motivators and leaders might get the coaching strength type. CliftonStrengths does not do this.

Looking for a comprehensive strengths test?
People are switching from the Strengthscope and CliftonStrengths assessments to the HIGH5 strengths test. Join over 3 million people in discovering what you are naturally great at.

Comparing Strengthscope and CliftonStrengths

Both CliftonStrengths and Strengthscope are strength tests. That means they are the same, right?

While both of these tests do share many qualities, they are not the same. Numerous significant differences exist between them. You should be aware of these key differences when deciding which test is right for you.

Below, we cover a few of the most important differences between Strengthscope and CliftonStrengths.

Assessment Approach

There is a variety of options when it comes to strength tests available online. One of the most important factors you should consider when selecting a test is how the results are calculated.

You might answer similarly on two tests, but get different results due to them having differing ‘grading systems.’ For instance, the Strengthscope assessment tests you for 24 possible strengths, while CliftonStrengths has an inventory of 34 strengths. Additionally, they also have slightly different questions.

Application and Impact

The way a test calculates its results is undoubtedly important. However, how you end up using and interpreting that information is even more crucial in the long run.

The CliftonStrengths test will give you confidence in your top abilities and provide you with an overview of how they are used in your day-to-day life. The cheaper version of the test only focuses on your top 5 abilities. To get more in-depth results, you will likely have to pay extra, though.

The Strengthscope test has more focus on your career than the CliftonStrengths test does. It offers less insight into your personal life. Many sales managers and productivity experts therefore prefer this assessment.

Pros and Cons of Strengthscope

Every strengths assessment has both pros and cons. This is true for the Strengthscope assessment, too. The important next step is to recognize this and find the test that has the main pros you are looking for.

Below, we provide you with a list of the main advantages and disadvantages of Strengthscope:


  • Focus on your workplace behavior; more detailed work insights.
  • Improve your productivity and efficiency.
  • Boost your confidence.
  • Focus on boosting your existing abilities.
  • Decrease absenteeism and increase passion for your work.
  • Regain your focus.
  • In-depth results and tips for ongoing development at work.
  • Interactive user design.
  • Great for identifying a potential new job/career.


  • Potentially complicated or overwhelming results.
  • Focuses only on strengths, not weaknesses, values, or other qualities.
  • Gives you a limited picture of your overall personality traits.
  • Could lead to you being overly confident.
  • Little information on your personal life.
  • Less scientific backing than other tests.
  • More costly than many innate talent assessments.
Looking for a comprehensive strengths test?
People are switching from the Strengthscope and CliftonStrengths assessments to the HIGH5 strengths test. Join over 3 million people in discovering what you are naturally great at.

Pros and Cons of CliftonStrengths

Just like the Strengthscope test has a variety of benefits and drawbacks to it, so does CliftonStrengths (otherwise known as Clifton’s StrengthsFinder).

This test offers a tremendous amount of fanatic benefits, but it is also not perfect. Here are a few of the top advantages and disadvantages of CliftonStrengths:


  • Backed by decades of research performed by expert psychologists.
  • Clear focus on your talents.
  • Boosts your confidence.
  • Covers many ways you apply to the real world, from your work to relationship building.
  • Gives actionable insights into career and self-development.
  • The questions are specific and easy to understand.
  • One of the most famous online strength tests; trusted by millions.
  • Overwhelmingly positive online reviews.
  • Encourages positivity.
  • Options for an in-depth strengths profile or just an overview.


  • Includes no information on your weaknesses.
  • Could lead to you becoming overly confident.
  • Includes little information on your motivators or values.
  • Costs more than many other tests.
  • There is still scientific debate over its validity.
  • Longer than most assessments.
  • The cheapest version of the test only includes 5 strengths.

Practical Applications and Implications of Strengthscope and CliftonStrengths

The most important aspect of strength testing comes after you take the test. What truly matters is how you apply those insights to your everyday life.

These insights have a wide range of applications. They can boost your confidence, help you build stronger relationships, increase productivity, or even help you find a new job.

Some of the main applications of Strengthscope and CliftonStrengths include the following:

In Personal Development

Many individuals take strengths assessments so they can kickstart their personal development and growth journey. These tests can help you build confidence and bolster your existing strengths, which are two key steps to self-growth.

Strengths tests can help you realize what makes you unique and the top qualities that help you achieve success. If you understand what these qualities are, you are likely going to be more productive, passionate, and ultimately, successful.

These assessments can even help you choose a career or new job that aligns with your abilities. Doing so would maximize your odds of success at work.

In Organizational Development

Both the Strengthscope and CliftonStrengths tests are great for personal development. But, these tests are also highly useful for companies and organizational development.

It is no wonder why Fortune 500 companies and other major brands use such tests. They help companies identify team strengths gaps, so their new candidates can help fill those gaps.

Additionally, the tests help HR managers identify candidates that fit well with their existing teams. They also help with measuring how an employee’s strengths develop over time and allow managers to assign tasks based on strengths. This boosts the productivity and efficiency of the entire team.

Compared to HIGH5

Both the CliftonStrengths, Strengthscope, and HIGH5 assessments are examples of strengths tests. They can help both individuals and teams better understand how to use their strengths to their advantage.

However, the HIGH5 offers teams even more detailed insights. Team HIGH5 packages provide team managers with insights on who works well together, how to drive personal growth, unique areas, and “watch-out zones.” Neither the CliftonStrengths nor the Strengthscope go in as much detail.

How Accurate is the CliftonStrengths Assessment?

Before taking any strengths assessment, one of the most popular questions people ask themselves is: how accurate is this test, really? No test will guarantee that you get 100% accurate results.

Nonetheless, the CliftonStrengths test is still recognized as quite accurate. After all, millions of people trust the assessment. That includes Fortune 500 executives.

The test is also backed by decades of research from top psychologists such as Dr. Donald O. Clifton. As long as you answer honestly, you should expect accurate results.

How Accurate is the Strengthscope Assessment?

The Strengthscope assessment is less well-known than CliftonStengths. Nonetheless, it is still highly regarded and considered to be relatively accurate.

The test was developed by 2 respected psychologists, Dr. Paul Brewerton and Dr. James Brook. They built their assessment based on the works of prior world-class positive psychologists.

In fact, the Strengthscope is considered to be so accurate, that it even got an accreditation from the renowned British Psychological Society. It is the only test in the world to have received this accreditation.

As with any test, the results get less accurate if you don’t take the test seriously or answer dishonestly. As long as you avoid doing that, you should get accurate, meaningful results.

Compared to HIGH5

The CliftonStrengths and Strengthscope tests have both been scientifically validated. Many individuals across the globe have found them to be useful and accurate tests.

Similarly, the HIGH5 is also hailed as a highly valid assessment. Its validity, accuracy, and precision have been repeatedly confirmed (1). Additionally, dozens of massive brands entrust HIGH5 with their strength testing needs, including companies like Amazon and AirBnB. Millions of individuals have given the test high ratings, too.

Looking for a comprehensive strengths test?
People are switching from the Strengthscope and CliftonStrengths assessments to the HIGH5 strengths test. Join over 3 million people in discovering what you are naturally great at.


Strengths tests are a fantastic way to learn more about what makes you unique. They help you stay positive, boost your confidence, increase productivity, and so much more.

The Strengthscope and CliftonStrengths tests are two very highly regarded strength assessments you can take from the comfort of your home.

They have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Nonetheless, Taking a strengths test could be the first step in an amazing personal growth journey.

Regardless of which test you end up taking, you will learn an immense amount about your abilities.

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