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Frequency Asked Questions

What is the CliftonStrengths for Students (formerly StengthsQuest)?

The CliftonStrengths for Students, formerly known as the StrengthsQuest, is one of the most powerful tools students can use to discover their strengths. There are a plethora of reasons for the use of CliftonStrengths in the entrepreneurial and adult self-help fields. However, too many individuals overlook the powerful information this test provides

The CliftonStrengths is one of many strength-finding assessments offered by the internationally recognized strength analyzing company Gallup. The test is based on the work done by psychologist and researcher Donald O. Clifton and his team. The test provides testers with a set of questions. Based on their responses, the test assigns certain strengths to them.

The CliftonStrengths for Students is specifically designed for those still in school. Typically, it is targeted toward those in high school, pre-college students (those in preparatory schools as well), students in college, and new graduates. There are many unique qualities about students. Students may not be able to answer career-related questions, for example. The standard test asks some career-related queries for a complete talent profile. Because of this, the test is structured a bit differently from the standard StrengthsFinder.

CliftonStrengths can help students develop talent and confidence in themselves. It can assist them in recognizing their themes of talent. With these themes in mind, students can more accurately select a career with the highest odds of finding happiness and success. By using CliftonStrengths, one can get the necessary information to begin a strength-oriented approach to student development.

Already, over 22 million individuals trust the CliftonStrengths for online talent assessments. The test offers valuable information for students, including insights about how their strengths connect to relationships, education, and work.

How Does the CliftonStrengths for Students Work?

CliftonStrengths offers students an opportunity to discover their dominant talents. They test students by quantifying the degree of each skill the individual possesses. Everyone has each of the tested skills but to different degrees. So, at the end of the test, students will be shown their top strengths as well as their overall spectrum of talent.

The CliftonStrengths test is delivered digitally. All students will need to do is answer the prompts honestly. The questions will focus on many different topics and experiences. They will all reveal something about how the student reacts to problems, leads, communicates, and so on. Ultimately, when the answers are weighed, the student can get an overall picture of which strengths they maintain and which skills are lacking.

There are two different versions of the CliftonStrengths test. One version of the assessment provides students with the top 5 strengths. This is a more cost-effective test for students and administrators alike. The alternative version of the assessment covers all 34 strengths tested by Gallup. This test is more expensive but gives you a full overview of the student’s talent themes.

What is the difference between the CliftonStrengths for Students and the CliftonStrengths?

Both CliftonStrengths and CliftonStrengths for Students were created from the research done by Donald O. Clifton, and they are administered by Gallup. However, there are also key differences between these two tests.

It is important to keep in mind the target audience for the two assessments. Those taking the CliftonStrengths for Students test are typically college & pre-college students. On the other hand, the regular CliftonStengths test is created for adults.

Because young people have less experience in the workplace, could currently be students, and are less likely to have deep knowledge on their passions, the type of questions on the tests are slightly different. The student strength test has questions specifically about learning, school, college, and so on. There are very little, if any, questions about work and long-term experiences. The regular CliftonStrengths test includes more queries about work. The questions are more experience-based, too.

Gallup understands the inherent maturity differences between older adults and teenagers or young adults. As such, the questions on the test are also less abstract and easier to understand. Finally, the tips offered at the end of the test for administrators are different. The student test gives insight on student wellbeing and how adding a strength-based approach to growth helps young people specifically. And, there is also special pricing for educational organizations which purchase CliftonStrengths for Students.

Who is the StrengthsQuest For?

StrengthsQuest is specifically designed for students and anyone who has not started their professional career yet. The test merits the best results for those who go into the test relaxed and with an honest, positive mindset.
Testers should be over the age of 16 for StrengthsQuest to be accurate. Otherwise, you may misunderstand the questions or not have enough information to adequately respond. In addition, the test is suitable for a wide range of ages above 16. Those in high school, college, or even in graduate school can find benefits from the assessment.

If you already have extensive job experience, then this test may not be the best for you, unless you are also a student. The StrengthsQuest is designed to find student’s talents. Since many students do not have job experience, this factor is not thoroughly mentioned throughout StrengthsQuest.

New graduates who are seeking to use strengths-based learning for their personal growth will find the StrengthsQuest to be a great resource. Even teachers and administrators can find value in it. Although it is not developed for educators, teachers can see which strengths students need the most help with developing and which strengths are already highly developed. Then, they can use the strength-based approach to help their students succeed.

How Long Does it Take to Finish the CliftonStrengths for Students?

Although Gallup’s CliftonStrengths is immensely detailed and insightful, it does not take much time to complete. Gallup recommends completing the test in a single sitting. That way, you do not forget about the assessment or overthink your answers.

In general, the CliftonStrengths for Students assessment takes about 30 to 40 minutes to complete. However, each person is different. Some people are more familiar with their strengths already, and can therefore quickly answer queries. Others may have a hard time remembering their past experiences. This could make the test a bit longer. However, you cannot take more than 45 minutes to finish the test.

The CliftonStrengths for Students is a timed assessment. The students are given 20 seconds to respond to each query. Taking the test in one setting prevents disruptions and the need to restart the test. However, if it is necessary to restart the test, administrators give students access codes and accounts, so there is no need to worry.

How Reliable and How Accurate is the StrengthsQuest?

As long as students are honest, Clifton StrengthsQuest is both a reliable and accurate strength assessment. It is based on decades of research by world-renowned psychologist Donald O. Clifton and his team. And, millions have trusted Clifton with their strength assessment needs.

When it comes specifically to students and education, many top schools use this test to boost student engagement and properly use a strengths-based approach. Just a few of these schools include Furman University, Virginia Tech University, and Purdue University. In total, more than 700,000 students have taken StrengthsQuest (CliftonStrengths for Students) and it is used by over 1,000 educational institutions.

CliftonStrengths is clearly well-trusted. However, there are a few flaws that you should keep in mind when purchasing or taking the assessment. The major issue with the test is that it heavily relies on self-reporting. Your own views on your experiences and skills are biased. They are less reliable than that an expert in your field, your boss, or even the average bystander. Some students may take the test with the mindset of wanting to look perfect to the school. Dishonesty and exaggeration skews the test results, even if done unintentionally.

Tests which are performance-based rather than based on self-evaluation tend to be more accurate. Still, that does not mean CliftonStrengths for Students is uninsightful. It is trusted by many educators globally and based on years of research, but you should still be aware of this minor drawback to the test.

How To Analyze & Use the Results from the CliftonStrengths Report?

At the end of the CliftonStrengths for Students test, you will find a list of your top natural talents. Depending on which test you take, either 34 strengths or 5 strengths will be listed. If you have trouble understanding your results (such as what a certain strength means and how it impacts your life), ask your test administrator. From then, you can begin exploring your talents.

Analyzing the test results is quite simple. Your strengths are given to you, but the difficult part of growth is harnessing these strengths. Once you see the top strengths given on CliftonStrengths for Students, try to reflect back on how you use each of these strengths. Ask yourself: what allowed me to harness my strengths during the moments I succeeded? Was it a mentor, your environment, a certain mindset, or something else?

You will also be given your strengths in a hierarchal order of your most commonly used and most developed strengths. This is important to know, since some strengths may overpower others in certain scenarios. Knowing your strengths can help you use the strength-based approach efficiently. Once you understand your strengths, and to which degree you have these strengths, you can begin finding new ways to apply them. You will also be more confident and ready to choose a career that gives you the best odds of success.

Disclaimer: HIGH5 does not intend to replicate or to substitute Gallup StrengthsQuest test as both tests follow different methodologies, yet bring value in similar ways. Both tests help test takers be more aware of their own personality. HIGH5 does not dispute or diminish the value of StrengthsQuest test and encourages test takers to go through both assessments. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach us at hello(at)

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